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“Retrograde” is the title track off the forthcoming EP from West Coast rockers Fever Charm and the song is a thrilling, soaring journey befitting a band that recently experienced a rebirth after relocating to L.A. from Oakland. From the locked-in, enormous drums that open the track to its transcendent chorus, “Retrograde” is a slow-motion trip to the stars for the listener. Ari Berl, Fever Charm’s singer, has said the song is “an epic anthem about finding yourself” that is “meant to inspire hope.” This is something the track accomplishes marvelously with a compelling energy and sound that lift the listener to stratospheric emotional heights.

While Fever Charm have just begun to gain mainstream exposure, most recently through the inclusion of their song “Sounds of Summer” on Fox’s Coupled, “Retrograde” seems already plucked from the soundtrack to some classic film wherein the tune plays just as our hero overcomes the odds to win the day. Its churning, bright guitars smolder until they explode into a brilliant cathartic moment that is eclipsed by an even bigger moment on a post-chorus with spiraling vocals that beckon the listener back up into the song’s glimmering galaxy of chill. With “Retrograde” Fever Charm have crafted a sunny, exhilarating song with the understated power to move one’s body and soul.

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