Bibi Bourelly crashes Melo-X Studio Session, crafts on-the-spot dopeness

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It was said that Bibi Bourelly wrote Rihanna’s “Higher” in 30-minutes during a studio session with Kanye West. After crashing a recent Melo-X studio session, she apparently decided to test her pen out and spontaneously craft a song “from some rich hill-living ass kid’s perspective.”

Over a warm Melo-X production, Bibi crafted a visual of a “big pimpin’” suburban who has a “mean step mom” and listens to death grips in their down time.

As the hilarious song ends, Bibi notes, “I don’t even know who could sing this for real,” before deciding to drop the track herself, because “fuck it.” Must be nice to freely toss out a track that a slew of genre-bending R&Bers wish they would have been clever enough to write.

This kind of track makes one wonder how many other on-a-humble tracks are lying in hard drives out there. Furthermore, it underscores what can come from artists feeding off of each other–especially in a sterilized, e-mail-dependent music industry.

The song is titled “random shit pt 1” on Soundcloud, so hopefully we will be able to hear another more from the session.

You can listen to “random shit pt 1” below.

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