Fire-Toolz – “✓ BEiNG”

Fire-Toolz is a producer from Chicago who mixes bright, maximal electronic pop beats with heavy dashes of staticky dissonance. Her blood-curdling growls and screams provide maximum intensity to an already explosive palette of sounds. This summer, she’ll release a new LP called Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace) on Orange Milk Records, and now she’s shared the first taste of that album “✓ BEiNG.”

“✓ BEiNG” opens with samples of chirping birds and an ominous layer of noise before exploding into a cloud of proggy vaporwave. Her shattering vocal yelps weave in and out of a series of winding, ethereal crescendos, capping them off with doses of sudden hardcore tension and industrial bombast. The track’s glistening synths stabs and gnawing percussion combine to give off an epic, monolithic feel, as she aims for off-kilter rhythms and stratospheric moods. When Fire-Toolz releases her new album, we’ll be sure to bring you coverage. In the meantime, listen to “✓ BEiNG” below as part of Adult Swim’s Singles series.