Fischerle & Persuasion – ‘Winter Studies’

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Idioms is a new digital label based out of Montreal that churns out ambient, dub, and minimal-leaning techno. It’s headed by Montreal producer D.Hansen, who under the recording moniker Persuasion, has teamed up with Polish producer Fischerle (Mateusz Wysocki) for a mind-bending four-track EP called Winter Studies, marking the very first release for idioms. 

Over a glitchy, minimal tapestry, each artist brings complementary sonic impulses to the table. On opening track “Obsine,” rhythmic synth noises pierce and rattle like an escalating rollercoaster, adding layers of warped dub sounds and moody atmospheric bass quirks with each passing click. Meanwhile, “Embar” contains a glassy, chime-like quality that is absolutely hypnotizing. Layers of crunching static coalesce around a mechanical, stuttering humming noise that ebbs and flows as the beat amplifies. According to idioms, “the result is a diverse melding of Wysocki’s modular synthesis and Hansen’s sound design and drum programming.” Overall, it’s a dynamic and elegant collaboration between two incredibly talented rising producers. You can purchase it HERE, and sample it below via Bandcamp.