Fishers, “Arizona Broke”

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Dale Eisinger

Writer, drummer of industrial duo YVETTE, and a director at Brooklyn label Godmode, Dale Eisinger is prolific on several fronts. He’s begun a new solo project under the moniker Fishers, which aligns with the experimental mindset at the core of YVETTE but has forgone the heaviness in favor of a more delicate approach to both acoustic and electric sounds that retains intensity.

“Arizona Broke” is at the more experimental extreme of the record, coursing through a series of frequencies and sounds—low purrs, thumping heartbeats, and high-pitched ringings all contribute, and a resonant human voice makes an appearance among the thick patterning of sounds. At times bass-heavy, at times light and heady, the rhythm of the track is magnetic, attracting and repelling different patterns of percussive texture over its nine-minute trajectory. Perhaps what’s most compelling is Eisinger’s ability to manipulate sounds so that they fit perfectly into one another, like gears in a machine, the combination of noises seems to emerge naturally, of its own accord, and it’s this element that makes the track so transfixing.

Under the Sheepherder Bridge is out December 9 via Crash Symbols.