Flying Lotus drops Lovers Melt 2

Blake Gillespie

lovers melt 2

Mid-June we reported that Flying Lotus was putting the fnishing touches on a follow-up to his Lovers Melt podcast for Stones Throw. If you took the time to peruse the Internet before getting hammered at a BBQ, celebrating the birth of 'Merica with fireworks in a cul-de-sac, perhaps you wowed the shindig by dropping Lovers Melt 2 on the iPod dock.

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FlyLo took to his Lovers Melt concept with a renewed fervor on the second installment, selecting 2.5 hours of summer heat from his crates. The second edition features some of FlyLo's favorite songs ever, which also happen to be iconic summer songs like William DeVaughn's “Be Thank For What You've Got” and Bobby Caldwell's “What You Won't Do For Love” . Twitter responses are already reporting positive results that Lovers Melt 2 will get you laid, even if you can't accurately spell “laid”. Impose would like to encourage you to practice safe sex, although we also are in favor of conceiving a cosmic love child to the funky selections of Steven Ellison. It's a far better story to tell your future offspring than informing the little tyke that it was conceived to one of The Most Average Releases of June.

Download Lovers Melt 2 immediately and start enjoying hot summer coitus instantly!

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