Flying Lotus EP in September

Blake Gillespie

pattern + grid world ep

I've sort of sunk into a funk in which I strictly bump “MmmHmm” and “Do The Astral Plane” from Flying Lotus' highly-lauded Cosmogramma. It's just a fantastic momentum of universal soul vibes exploding into Fly Lo's infusion of blip beats meets the dance house genre.

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That lead has nothing to do with the announcement that Fly Lo has a new EP due out in September. Neither of the songs mentioned in the lead sound like the leaked song “Camera Day” either. The point was that, personally, I sense that it's time for some new Fly Lo since I've ceased from long sessions with Cosmogramma, opting for the the attention-deficit experience. Perhaps, you're feeling it too?

“Camera Day” is not particularly gripping, but we've been trained to accept Fly Lo the collaborator by Cosmogramma. The Pattern + Grid World EP is back to the OG style of Fly Lo and his machines, locked away and tripping out on 8-bits and synthesizers. In looking at the the track listing, I'm particularly excited to hear “Kill Your Co-Workers” because I'm a sucker for a good “fuck a job” song.

Pattern + Grid World EP is out September 21.

Track listing:
1. Clay
2. Kill Your Co-Workers
3. PieFace
4. Time Vampires
5. Jurassic Notion/M Theory
6. Camera Day
7. Physics For Everyone!

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