Flying Lotus EP in September

Blake Gillespie

pattern + grid world ep

I've sort of sunk into a funk in which I strictly bump “MmmHmm” and “Do The Astral Plane” from Flying Lotus' highly-lauded Cosmogramma. It's just a fantastic momentum of universal soul vibes exploding into Fly Lo's infusion of blip beats meets the dance house genre.

That lead has nothing to do with the announcement that Fly Lo has a new EP due out in September. Neither of the songs mentioned in the lead sound like the leaked song “Camera Day” either. The point was that, personally, I sense that it's time for some new Fly Lo since I've ceased from long sessions with Cosmogramma, opting for the the attention-deficit experience. Perhaps, you're feeling it too?

“Camera Day” is not particularly gripping, but we've been trained to accept Fly Lo the collaborator by Cosmogramma. The Pattern + Grid World EP is back to the OG style of Fly Lo and his machines, locked away and tripping out on 8-bits and synthesizers. In looking at the the track listing, I'm particularly excited to hear “Kill Your Co-Workers” because I'm a sucker for a good “fuck a job” song.

Pattern + Grid World EP is out September 21.

Track listing:
1. Clay
2. Kill Your Co-Workers
3. PieFace
4. Time Vampires
5. Jurassic Notion/M Theory
6. Camera Day
7. Physics For Everyone!

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