Friday Night: DJ Quik and Kurupt, “Do You Know”

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There's a lot of people saying “Birthday Sex” or “Boom Boom Pow” is the certified summer jam of 09, but “Do You Know” is now my summer jam of every summer, and particularly this Friday Night, because where would our regular Friday Night post be without it? I love how Quik solos his sample chops at the beginning so we can all hear how fucking weird it is before letting the entire beat drop. How can you hear that intro and not feel on top of the world? I applied for law school while listening to this song, and I don't ever want to be a lawyer. Kurupt and DJ Quik are putting out their joint album, Blaqkout June 9, and you should buy it just because of the line, “DJ Quik's more gifted than Santa.” In case we have any no-good haters reading this post, I have included an additional video from the album below, for your conversion to all-out love. It's called “9x's Outta 10”.