Crate Digger: Black Rio 2

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Since the music of the Brazilian Tropicalia has been co-opted by major corporations for commercial use, it's about time the next great musical movement from the fifth most populated country in the world got it's just due. Enter DJ Cliffy, who has put together the track list for the second installment in the Black Rio series – a tribute to the soul and funk movement that came about during a time of slow and uneasy transition in the wake of a global oil crisis, and through the continued military dictatorship that while starting to ease restrictions at home, still maintained a strong presence. Unlike the anthems of the more politically charged Tropicalia movement that preceded it – the songs contained on Black Rio 2 showcase a movement that seemed strictly concerned with creating a groove to dance to in the face of uncertainty.

Guimaraes E O Grupo Som Sagrado, “Our Sound”