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Wearing Jesus and Mary Chain on their sleeves and battling through a Midwest wasteland, Handglops keep it real in Toledo, Ohio. The feedback and fuzz is so huge and combative a part of these tracks that they comprise a sort of internal orchestra: there might only be one dude recording this shit at home, and it might only be performed live with two or three, but in the vacuum where these songs exist, there's a horde of animated tape reels doing battle with six foot long lances made solely of static electricity.

These older songs off of Ronk Ng Rool are cool:

Handglops, “The First Party

Handglops, “The Meadow”

Check out their Myspace for tracks that are even better.

Charming track list for their release Ronk Ng Rool:
01 The Weekend
02 The Show
03 The First Party
04 The Meadow
05 The City
06 The Same
07 Throwing a Party
08 Start a Band
09 Playing a Show
10 Something Fun
11 The Same But Better
12 The Last Party

Some hate mail they got in high school: