Friendship Bracelet Club Vol. 4

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friendship bracelet club vol.4

Friendship Bracelet Club just stepped its game up with Vol.4 of its quarterly mixtape series, dropping the CD-R format to join the rave for tapes.

In collaboration with Olympia's Wild Animal Kingdom Records, Friendship Bracelet's Vol.4 is available for digital download (obvi), but fork over $5 to Pay Pal and you can be the proud owner of a FBC tape. The tape is mixed down into two 20-minute sides, which is a ton of sound to pack into a cassette. The good people of FBC have not unveiled details regarding which artists on the digital release are excluded from the tape, but hey, have an extra dose of nostalgia with your tape as you embrace the surprise of an undisclosed tracklisting.

This edition of the series has chillwave (Happy Family) followed by chillwave clashing against drum 'n' bass (Mane Mane), followed by deepseawave breaking to the surface as R&B ballad(How To Dress Well), followed good ole' fashion Breakfast Club new wave (Luke Perry). Everybody's doing the wave!

Speaking of things everybody's doing, what's with all the songs dedicated to bitches named Karen? What Karen are these going out to? Karen O? Karen Carpenter? Impose Art Director Karen Aragon? Vol.4 has a Karen tribute by Inflatable Mattress called “Karen's Dub Part 2,” which almost sounds like a beat juggling of King Tubby dub vibes. I really wish this song was not a minute long.

Download Vol.4 here and order it here.

Inflatable Mattress, “Karen's Dub Part 2”

SiFunk & Garmunkle, “Pixelated Marshmellow”

Luke Perry, “Phone Freak”