Front Porch Lights, "Waiting On A Miracle"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Rising Cleveland indie Americana rock group Front Porch Lights will be releasing their second EP Go On Ahead this June. The band consists of six members, one being the official mascot of the band Chuckles, the laughing garden gnome. “Waiting On A Miracle” is one of the singles leading up to the anticipated EP, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere
This single is a folk rock anthem – leaning more toward that classic rock feel – calling upon frustration being experienced because of society’s current instability. Frontman Conor Standish had this to say about “Waiting On A Miracle”: “It’s a strange time for human beings. Even with the age of the internet there is so much that’s unknown – partly because of misrepresentation of the truth and partly because people are too lazy to utilize the internet properly and do their own research… This doesn’t just relate to what’s going on politically but it relates to our every day lives. Are you doing something to sculpt your beliefs and become a better person or are you just waiting for someone or something to do it for you?”
With a steady, toe-tapping beat and intricate vocals, this track is your new favorite. Hands down.

You can get more information about the band and their upcoming projects here.