Fuzz, “Till The End Of The Day (Kinks cover)”

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As a longtime fan of The Kinks, I've never found a cover that I liked—ultimately, I'd turn to the band's original discography for a tonic, a soothing alternative to twice-baked hacks trying to reinvent perfection. And then I heard Fuzz's cover of “Till The End Of The Day”. Not only does this cover perfectly accomplish what I thought was unaccomplishable, but its release is out through Famous Class's LAMC project, whose output very rarely fails to please. The cover is exactly what you'd expect from Ty Segall—a manic, sped-up spin on the mostly subtle classic, his drumming skill as unbelievably proficient as his guitar shredding, which is left up to Fuzz's Charles Mootheart. Though Segall may be behind the kit instead of in front of the speakers, there's still a hefty dose of low-end fuzz hurt put on Mootheart's guitar, all while maintaining a tribute to the original track. Be still my adrenaline-pumping heart.

You can stream Fuzz's cover below, and then head to Famous Class for the remainder of the releases, and hear the b-side of CCR Headcleaner's “Free The Freaks”. And remember: it's for a good cause.