Gaffe of a Lifetime, My Fellow Americans EP

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While Gaffe of a Lifetime’s debut, The Errors: Loss of a Kingdom, offered its reprieve from existential reflection—most notably on “Basement Chic”—the crux of the composition was elegy to our impending demise. Perhaps sensing the debut was a boulder placed atop the chest, Gaffe of a Lifetime’s presidential address on the My Fellow Americans EP is an invitation to cast aside concerns of a police state, climate change, terrorist cells, drought, famine, and natural disasters and submit to a hypnotic groove.

President Franklin Roosevelt coined “my fellow Americans” in a 1933 inauguration address, but it is Kennedy—also as part of his inauguration— who gave it colloquial power by requesting “ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” Gaffe of a Lifetime places those iconic three words on loop on the eponymous track to a 4/4 beat and an industrialized drone. The three subsequent tracks shed the political skin for an abstract expedition through these dire times. Gaffe of a Lifetime even in his most opiate of the masses EDM moments cannot on good faith allow us to unplug entirely. He keeps the paranoia on the fringes of the floor like an ominous presence reclining in the VIP.

Gaffe of a Lifetime’s My Fellow Americans EP is out now on cassette via Pretty All Right Records.