Gajah, “Hot Pants”

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Operating in the esteemed circle of Project Blowed and founding member of the rap group Acid Reign, Gajah looked beyond the Golden State for auditory assistance on his latest album, enlisting the help of Uncommon Nasa to produce Hands Of Gold Are Always Cold.

The transcontinental connection does not disrupt the chemistry, as Uncommon Nasa sheds his signature cacophony on “Hot Pants” for a traditional breakbeat flip of hypnotic funk which leaves ample space for Gajah’s West Coast style of speech. “Hot Pants” might read like a summer jam, but Gajah’s more about the hot seat and feeling the heat around the collar over misprints, misrepresentations, and fraudulent behavior. He runs through a list of Decepticon instincts that tend leave their pants on fire.

Gajah’s Hands Of Gold Are Always Cold is out October 28 on Uncommon Records.