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I feel absolutely foolish for doing my year-end list in mid-November… Why? Because now I'm running up on some fucking, stone-cold classics I left off the list. Fuck it though, cuz I told everyone how terrible I am about that shit. Luckily for me, I have this dumb soapbox to stand on and talk about the shit I missed… like motherfucking GAMES.

You probably already know who they are, Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin & Tigercity's Joel Ford, so I won't get too heavy into it. I think Oneohtrix is definitely legit next-level shit, but I hate to admit I actually haven't even checked out Tigercity. My bad… Regardless this is about Games anyway.

I've been in love with their mixtapes and remixes for a while, but I just recently got the chance to listen to their 2010 EP, That We Can Play (Hippos In Tanks) and it is absolutely, hands down, one of the most amazing things I've spent time with this year. “Shadows In Bloom” is by-far one of the hits of 2010. Sampling an already pretty solid jam like Secret Services' “Flash In The Night” was a pretty killer idea, but they managed to turn it into this syrupy, purple and pink meshing of texture that I want to crank in this or this, specifically. It's a perfect song.

Games, “Shadows In Bloom” from That We Can Play

So, I'm apologizing right now for leaving this stellar EP off my year end list… It's the raddest.