Vladee Divacc make “dunkwave”

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Christian Filardo is a nut job from Tempe, Arizona who represents one more grain of evidence in our slowly dawning realization that there are weirdos like us in every frickin' American city. Mr. Filardo has a project named Vladee Divacc (after this guy), under which he makes exclusively basketball-central noise music. That means voice, feedback, ambient/drone… and basketball samples. Also, an actual basketball. Filardo assures us that he in fact works “in many mediums creating basketball oriented art.” For now we'll have to be content with the squalling sound sides of the equation.

This first one is a set on an actual basketball court, which ends with an old man threatening to notify the police. If the initial charm of this zaniness wears off before you get to the game being called, you will have probably only caught “Chris Mullin”, with “Expansion Teams” and “Phoenix Suns” still on the way.

Check out the closed caption cleanliness of the Vladee Divacc home-recorded output on the latest EP, Technical Fouls:. The samples come out of the woodwork and liquid melody flows:

So… if Filardo ends up touring, (as he's currently attempting to), bring your hoop dreams and Vladee Divacc will bring the basketball, and maybe a friend:

Vladee Divacc-Hoop Dreamz EP Live in Flagstaff,AZ from Christian Filardo on Vimeo.