Geronimo!, “1000 Realities”

Zack Wilks

Geronimo! Cheap Trick

Exploding In Sound Records, only a few years old, has already become synonymous with 90s-tinged guitar, noise, fun, and a community of some of the best active musicians around. It’s the sort of label that can cultivate its own fandom; if you like one band on the imprint, you may very well like them all.

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As an introduction to, and fine example of, the sound of EIS, Geronimo!’s newest single “1000 Realities” shines. Taken from their upcoming LP Cheap Trick, the song is three-and-a-half blistering minutes of noise-laced guitar rock displaying both impressive musicianship and a wacky array of guitar tones, yet somehow remaining catchy enough to keep the “I’m just a palm tree swayin’ in a hurricane” hook stuck in your head for hours. After a noise freak-out midway through the song, shouts of “It’s hard to see the future” ring out before the band descends into disjointed chaos reminiscent of EIS-labelmates Grass Is Green. Geronimo! create a world of unabashed, chaotic euphoria with “1000 Realities,” and it’s certainly a world worth getting lost in.

Cheap Trick is due for release on May 13. Stream “1000 Realities” below.

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