Go Dark, “Fang Up Mix”

Blake Gillespie

Little was shared in terms of identity when Go Dark began appearing on the Internet in September. Even the group’s debut video, “Howl”, kept its members blindfolded like kidnapped poets, blockading the absolute. Sure we have our suspicions, one of which feels obvious enough to confirm, but it’d still be speculation. I mean, isn’t that the lesson of the Serial podcast since no new data exists to convict otherwise? Two factoids exist: Go Dark is a duo of a guy and girl. Go Dark hails from Oakland.

Rather than obsess over their physical identities, let’s look at their character. Go Dark curated the “Fang Up Mix” for our Friday Night series, a collection the group’s of older and newer favorite songs spanning Mykki Blanco’s “Angggry Byrdz” on the newer end and digging back to The Knife’s “Heart Beats” (or even further with Nina Simone’s “See Line Woman”). Go Dark admire the many faces of electronic music. From the maximalists like The Knife and Gold Panda to the deep trap meditations of Thug Entrancer or the soothing yoga naturalism of Teebs. Inclusions like Beyonce prove Go Dark has no fear of pop, but they also rally with the outliers like Jai Paul. Go Dark are populists of electronic music, ego-free and undesigned to exclusive sects. Go Dark also love Nina Simone, but that should be everybody. Does that mean Go Dark could be any of us?

Go Dark’s Bitchsword EP is out now for free. The only catch is you must beat the embedded video game on bitchsword.com.

Fang Up tracklisting:
01 Azealia Banks, “Nathan”
02 Gold Panda, “Before We Talked”
03 Mykki Blanco, “Angggry Byrdz”
04 The Knife, “Heart Beats”
05 Shabazz Palaces, “Free Press and Curl”
06 Boards Of Canada, “Palace Posy”
07 Baths, “Miasma Sky”
08 Blue Hawaii, “Blue Gowns”
09 Teebs, “While You Doooo”
10 Oneohtrix Point Never, “Chrome Country”
11 Grimes, “Eight”
12 Beyonce, “Partition”
13 Thug Entrancer, “Death After Life VII”
14 Jai Paul, “Track 02”
15 Little Dragon, “Cat Rider”
16 Holden, “Renata”
17 Nina Simone, “See Line Woman”
18 Go Dark, “She Gold”

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