Gonjasufi's 9th Inning EP

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gonjasufi 9th inning ep

New York-based music technology company Hydroshare.tv does not publicize agendas of being 4/20 friendly, but that name combined with the release of a free Gonjasufi EP makes one scratch the ole' chin. The website aims to convert downloaders into consumers, which is a pipe dream, but let'em try. With no further intrigue or information to share on Hydroshare.tv, let's focus on the 9th Inning EP, which at a mere 4-songs functions as a vital reminder that Gonjasufi is a killah.

The EP sounds like a companion piece to A Sufi And A Killer. Gonjasufi is still croaking and rapping through distortion, while the presence of east Indian bounce and psychedelia holds strong. The opening cut and title track boasts a grandiose rapper production fugged up through lo-fi aesthetic. Gonjasufi is keen on these cues by rapping about haters praying on his downfall. Were this a Kanye cut, we would not give two shits. But Gonjasufi revitalizes the “haters gon' hate, I play to win” track. Blu makes a solid contribution to “Eatfish”, but the true gem of the EP is “The Lows”. Gonjasufi might have his share of complaints – feeling the lows, feeling the woes – but the production on “The Lows” sets the mind into betterment mode through a heavy bounce and off-kilter samples.

Download the 9th Inning EP here.