Greatest Hits, “In The Jungle” & “Fun Girls”

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A couple years ago, Brooklyn duo Greatest Hits was making moves in the minds and hearts of many with their ridiculously enjoyable neon-fried tunes, with all the cool of “Billy Jean” electroshocked by the bombastic funkiness of Afrika Bambaataa. Tyler Thacker and Zak Mering's output reflected the image of the 80s gone wild on a bad trip that re-emerges smiling at the center of the dancefloor paying no mind to the venemous reptiles in sequin outfits surrounding you, glimmering under the shine of a disco ball made of “Macho Man” Randy Savages used sunglasses (how did I get here?). Alas, 2012 held promises of a full-length to come, but as the year came and went without a trace of it, we became so deeply invested into this trap music fad that we began to lose sight of the joyous tales of the bedroom producer tales of yesteryear we Internet folks once adored.

Just in time for the Gucci Mane/Waka Flocka split though, Greatest Hits has triumphantly risen again on a noble steed of killer jams. Stowed away safely in their saddlebag, as of today, the two have now made their long-lost 2012 album Breakdown available for free download via Bandcamp. On it, GH is up to their old boogie down, vocoder delivered antics and also receive contributions from Outer Limitz, Friends' singer Samantha Urbani, Chrome Canyon, and Ryan Howe of Punks on Mars.

Over the next few weeks, Thacker will be releasing a video for each one of the tracks but, for now, we've got the clips for “In The Jungle” and “Fun Girls” for you to have your way with. One follows like a clash of the 80s video titans between Flock Of Seagulls and “Billy Jean” while the other dishes the probably true life story of the world's saddest hobo-clown but we'll let you figure out which is which.