Grubs, “Windwaker”

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Grubs, "Windwaker", It Must Be Grubs

UK trio Grubs don’t sound much like a supergroup, but its members are part of Joanna Gruesome, Trust Fund, King of Cats, Caramel, and Two White Cranes. Despite its members’ harder-edged pedigree, Grubs and their upcoming record, It Must Be Grubs, is coated in pop sweetness. Their cuddly intimacy masks the band’s physical distance—although they sound like bedroom recordings, Grubs’ songs are pieced together from its members’ shifting rotating locations.

“Windwaker” kicks off It Must Be Grubs’ diminutive runtime with under two minutes of jittery guitars and gently looping vocals. Plush and warm, “Windwaker” keeps the sunny, carefree pop dream alive.

It Must Be Grubs is out September 11 on Reeks of Effort and Tuff Enuff Records.