Guantanamo Baywatch, “Corey Baum’s Theme”

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Finding a mustachioed biker in Austin, Texas is not a big deal, you can walk into the wrong bar and be the lone man without a mustache. But, being the mustachioed Austinite biker worthy of his own theme song is reserved for men of exceptional facial hair fortitude and legendary salt.

When Guantanamo Baywatch finds itself in Austin, Corey Baum’s southern hospitality is home base. The bond the group share with the Baum will live on for eternity in the motorcycle music of “Corey Baum’s Theme”. Written in the honored tradition of motor rev and Link Wrayian licks, “Corey Baum’s Theme” is a ride into the sunset as those left in the dust and rumble of the engine can only ponder, “who was that epic dude?”

Chevelle of Guantanamo Baywatch offered the following thoughts as to why Corey Baum deserved a theme song:

Corey Baum is an epic dude who lives in Austin TX and has a big motorcycle, big mustache, and a big ole smile. We always stay at his house and fuck it up and then he gets home super late with a ton of Lone Stars and tacos for us. He’s also a fuckin’ ripper!  When the song was being written we were inspired by Davey Allen and the Arrows songs from old biker movies and that’s how it ended up in that direction. Making it Corey’s theme was a fuckin’ no brainer! We were in Portland when we added the motorcycle sounds and we wanted the track to be a surprise to Corey so we recorded our roommate’s Triumph out in front of our house.

Guantanamo Baywatch’s Darling… It’s Too Late is out May 12 on Suicide Squeeze.

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