Guardian Alien land with first 12-inch

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Guardian Alien Swill Children 12-inch

Just as their namesake might be keeping an eye on our own self-destructive tendencies from somewhere on the dark side of Saturn, Guardian Alien have watched benevolently over many a Brooklyn show, filling the late night cauldron with their steaming brew of highly-evolved and completely unhinged free-for-all improvisations.

While Guardian Alien means many things (we once bowed humbly at the feet of one performances that included a backing band of PC Worship and three female vocalists), the core members of the band are Greg Fox (of Liturgy and GDFX), Alex Drewchin Jr. (solo artist in her own right). and Turner Williams Jr. (Ramble Tamble). And in that core trio's words:

we are an invisible band of psychonauts hailing from the Morgenheutegesternwelt (via entry points in "brooklyn" and "queens", "new york"). we hereby present our first physically manifested transmission in this realm. we summon the lift from our infinite limbs, nourished on the discipline of the pho lyfe anarcho-tao tantra, to buckle in and light up free and clear for TAKE OFF (using the merqabic tetrahedral qi transport / your clothing). the LP consists of studio and live recordings, braided into chaotic, orgonomic chemtrail whirlwinds, flourishing with the final dervishes in the last layers of the terrestrial veil, autopilot-trance wailing hymns to chance and confusion, bursting through the veil of the maya-rendered 4D soundscape through the back door of chapel Perilous and into the outer realms, where the 11th chakra spins in finite infinity, finitely, in infinity, forever.

We are lucky enough to share with you the first slice off their first LP, brought to all of us by Swill Children. The tracks are all culled from live recordings at Shea Stadium mixed with studio recordings, and this one sounds much like the opening salvos of many of their live shows, mulling with anticipation and on the brink of explosion. I guess that's for track two.

Guardian Alien (Excerpt from Swill Children 12-inch)