Guerilla Toss, “Diamond Girls”

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Guerilla Toss Eraser Stargazer

When Guerilla Toss signed to DFA, one might have thought they’d take a more electronic approach to their chaotic grooves. It wouldn’t be a giant leap, considering the band has always had one toe dipped in the dance community, but with word of an LCD reunion and tour, cynics may have wondered if they were being groomed as potential openers (or heir apparents). With the release of “Diamond Girls”, the first single from their DFA debut, Eraser Stargazer, those questions have been quelled, though the impact of the label and production value is definitely apparent.

“Diamond Girls” proves that sometimes less is more, and in Guerilla Toss’ case, simply airing out the composition; providing space for the chaos to breathe, is a beneficial production tool in their recording process. With so much noise happening at once, what is a viable asset in the live setting can become a hurdle in the studio. Yet with a deft touch, the percussion is pushed into the foreground as Kassie Carlson’s signature scrawls becomes our marching leader, giving the song (and band) the dance justice it deserves on record.

Eraser Stargazer will be released on March 4 on DFA. You can stream “Diamond Girls” below.