Half Loon, “Hooky You”

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Hooky You

Half Loon is a force to be reckoned with. They’re stunning, smart, and have lots of life experience to lend to their music. Daniel Alexander Pickard–the brainchild behind it all–had been writing while obtaining his masters in London when his friend tragically passed away. He left the education system and immersed himself in a world of music, lending his talents to the industry as a singer/songwriter. He met bass player Simeon Cunningham through a mutual friend, and they both stumbled upon guitarist Nicholas D’Amico together in a London pub. The three of them played Pickard’s songs and together, they formed Half Loon, their bio boasting that “the ‘Half’ an admiration of Morrissey’s enunciation of it in The Smiths opener ‘Reel Around the Fountain’, and the ‘Loon’ incites a provocative ambiguity to the narrative.”

After amazing cult success with their debut release Reverie (with B-side Butter in the Fly), which received rave reviews in the press, they were ready to outperform themselves. “Hooky You” is their newest track release, and it’s stellar. “Hooky You” is a song that emphasizes the lyrics, with dreamlike vocals and a very 1960s vibe to it. This comes as no surprise for those who know Pickard’s work. His love of literature (focused on Bohemian 19th century works) is on proud display, and sets their work apart from most. Plus, have you seen their style? (See: above photo by Anya Sidorova) It’s no wonder they sound so ethereal and amazing. Other-worldly, but with a faint antiquity to it all.

We’re quite taken with Half Loon. We’ll be playing “Hooky You” on repeat now.