HANZ, “War Fiction”

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HANZ is not the prototypical Southern producer. Attempting to connect his production techniques to the region's flagship soundmen is rather futile. If a comparison were to be drawn, it'd be the musique concrète production team 3:33, who specialize in sonics that are closer to mimicking the pulse of iron jungles, rather than seeking club and/or street approval. HANZ has plans to work with a few indie rappers, but it's likely they'll be at the mercy to his cacophonous compositions, rather than vice versa.

On “War Fiction”, his experimental textures combine the grittiest elements of rap with industrialized samples that feel like pumping pistons, speeding subway cars, and muffled station announcements. It's as though “War Fiction” was crafted in the mind of a graf writer, lurking deep in the tunnels, moving with caution and paranoia of passing trains and patrolmen out to cuff his spraycans. HANZ's ability to express such vivid images in the mutating movements of the single speak to his honed skill and potential to floor listeners on his upcoming debut, Reducer.

HANZ's Reducer is due in the spring. For more HANZ production visit his Soundcloud and Bandcamp.