Hear Hums penetrate the north east

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Hear Hums

I feel a bit dirty using the word “penetrate” to talk about the wide-eyed youthfulness Hear Hums bring to their music. Especially since they really are young. But whenever I think of Florida, the child in me still thinks of America's penis. Looks like I should start erasing that immature notion from my mind and replace it with the pulsating, etherial sonic forces that have been rising up from the State's panhandle (which isn't even the penis part anyway).

Hailing from Gainesville, like our FMLY friend Emily Reo, Hear Hums consists of Mitch Myers and Kenzie Cooke. The duo bring a heavy percussive vibe (and definite southern appreciation) to their heady, psychedelic trip; Mitch loops guitar strokes and vocals and Kenzie plays the piano, while both take turns pounding the drums. This leads me to another Florida friend comparison in Prince Rama, though with a much heavier percussive overtone. Think Aa backing Prince Rama, and you're kind of in the ball park.

All of this sets the perfect tone for their first tour up the east coast. Already making stops in Baltimore and Philly along the way (probably others, but those have since disappeared from their bandcamp), they crash into our humble borough with shows at Death by Audio, Cameo Gallery, Bruar Falls and Silent Barn before heading to Canada (America's hat). They're still taking kickstarter donations to help fund the excursion, but you could always just go see them and drop your $10 there.

The track “Woo” is from their Psyche Cycles CDR, which you can download for free here, or buy/stream here.