HITS, “Know What I Mean”

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Explode Into Colors were a genre-bending Portland band who existed from 2009-2011, a group whose understated post-punk, moody harmonies, and scrappy, percussion-centered jamming fell somewhere between the likes of early Grass Widow and Prince Rama. After a string of releases on Kill Rock Stars, the band parted ways (their 2011 record Quilts is still worth a spin) but now its two drummers drummers Lisa Schonberg and Heather Treadway are joined by multi-instrumentalist Allan Wilson (founding member of !!!) as HITS. Similarly to Explode Into Colors, HITS make music that is as visceral as it is visual, but in more abstract ways. “Know What I Mean” is the second single from their fortchoming Sunshine Baby, a cassette inspired by the landscape of the California desert, comprised mostly of cyclical live drum beats collaged with vocal samples and field recordings. The tape was recorded entirely in Wilson’s attic, and is out now via Crash Symbols.