Hollow Sunshine, Bible Sea

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If you’re looking for an epic set of tracks that is equal parts trance, strangely vibey bass lines, and gorgeous vocals to round out the end (Say it isn’t so!) of your summer months, look no further than Hollow Sunshine‘s upcoming mini LP, Bible Sea. The creative union between songwriter/instrumentalist Reuben Sawyer and vocalist/lyricist Morgan Enos drops their experimental, cross-genre LP on July 29th, and we’ve got the exclusive first stream.

Every song featured has an almost luminescent feel to it, gliding along to form the story of harsh sounds-meet-insanely delicate vocals, or–as Sawyer would describe it–the tension between animal and machine. The tracks are layered as such, blending the reverb from more natural, lighter vocals almost seamlessly with intense, dark synth. “We wanted something very modern,” Enos says. “Bible Sea is a curveball. Reuben and I work best headed into uncharted territory.” 

And that’s what Bible Sea is. A total curveball. But it’s more than our ears could have ever lusted after, the artists’ sentiment matching our bittersweet attitude toward the end of summer. Stream it now before everyone else gets a chance to.


Bible Sea will be released July 29th on Iron Pier.