Homeboy Sandman, “America, the Beautiful”

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The American Dream is alive and well with Elmhurst-bred Homeboy Sandman’s new single “America, the Beautiful” off of Hallways, his second full-length on Stones Throw .

Featuring a bevy of fuzzy samples and Homeboy’s signature witticisms, there’s something a little acrid and a little tongue-in-cheek about this entire “ode to the home of the free.”

Put together with a little production help from labelmates Knxwledge, Oh No and Jonwayne, the track’s a reflection on the hypocrisy present in a lot of socio-economic affairs in what was once hailed as a land of limitless opportunity. Calling out eviction laws, welfare, and inner city food deserts, he has the lyrical prowess to come up with lines that make you “a-ha” at their versatility and make you do a double take.

After all, who wouldn’t be suspicious of a place where you always have “the public park and the park bench”?

Homeboy Sandman’s Hallways is out September 2 on Stones Throw.