Horse Jumper of Love, “Bagel Breath”

JP Basileo

horse jumper of love

If you could imagine a soundtrack following you, like a spirit, as you walk, oppressed, through a drearily rainy day, it might sound like Horse Jumper of Love’s new song, “Bagel Breath,” off their forthcoming S/T LP, out March 11 on Gawk and Disposable America. Trudging guitar comes in heavier than wet socks, and the immediate twang of a pulled chord, along with the stop-motion tempo of the song, pulls you down into the Boston trio’s beautiful bleakness, and continues through the song’s entirety. The instruments cut out at one point, however, and it feels as though the song steps inside, out of the rain. Dimitri Giannopoulos’ tinny vocals are left, still soaked to the bone—you can hear the unsettling sound of the saliva separating at the sides of his mouth as it creaks open, as though he’s whispering in your ear, lamenting about “Bagel breath in the morning.” Grey light from the overcast skies streaks in through the window shades, and the outside rain rages on.


Horse Jumper tour dates

03 Boston, MA @ Banana Hammock
04 Hadley, MA @ Asbestos Farm w/ Turnip King
05 Annandale-on-Hudson @ Bard College
07 Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades w/ IAN & Fraternal Twin
08 Philadelphia, PA @ Goldilocks Gallery w/ Blue Smiley & Cool Dad
11 Baltimore, MD @ Loner’s Club
12 Harrisonburg, VA @ Crayola
13 Greensboro, NC @ New York Pizza
14 Atlanta, GA @ The Sewing Room w/ Floral Print
16 New Orleans, LA @ TBD
17 Austin, TX @ Hole In The Wall
19 Austin, TX @ Merdurhaus Records
20 Austin, TX @ Spider House
22 St. Louis, MO @ The Co-op
23 Urbana, IL @ Library House
24 Cleveland, OH
25 Saratoga Springs, NY @ Mansion Party
28 Boston, MA @ Out of the Blue Gallery

09 Boston, MA @ Trixie’s Palace w/ Peaer, Puppy Problems & Pupppy

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