House of Feelings, “Americans”

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The House of Feelings moniker morphs between dance night and music collective, but in either form at the core is Matty Fasano. Collectively, House of Feelings’ contributors in either form are a panoramic of the Godmode label. A friends helping friends ecosystem. House of Feelings the group appeared earlier in Godmode’s Faculty Series with the Thomas Dolby on disco of “Learn Your Science” and continue to push weird forms with “Americans”.

House of Feelings invent a new census to classify United States citizens. The demographics include Hester Prynne Americans, Henry Ford Americans, Softcore Porn Americans, MTV Americans, and Ellis Island hypocrites to name a few. Political dance music, right? Airs of it exist, but it would be useless if House of Feelings didn’t deliver in the impulse to move to it. The break down refrain “I just need a credit card / to pay off my credit card” offering the anthemic element for the young, broke, and privileged on the dance floor.