How To Dress Well reworks d'Eon's “Transparency”

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How To Dress Well's rework of d'Eon's already smooth “Transparency” is the sound of rubbing vaseline all over slick porn bodies doing some sensitive bumping that was already being filmed with a vaseline-smeared 35mm lens in the first place. This is a lot of vaseline. If you sink deep enough into the petroleum jelly, you become your own slip-and-slide. This is possible with “Transparency”, which gives you nearly eight minutes to get in the mood.

By far the most fun part of this song is the fade out/in at three-and-a-half-minutes that slowly builds back up to equilbrium. Fake out!

d'Eon, “Transparency” (How To Dress Well Rework)

From Dis Magazine, via GOTC.