HoZac signed a grunge band?

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fey gods

The guitar aficionados over at HoZac blew our minds with one of their upcoming 7-inches. Not only is the band from our favorite town in Ohio (not Toledo, actually!), they described the band as the dark horse of their latest releases, and with good reason.

Columbus, OH is a college city dedicated to football season. Oddly enough, it's also home to some of the most creative lo-fi bands in the Midwest. Last week Gregory McGreevy gave Psychedelic Horseshit's latest tape a glowing and deserving review as the best tape of the year. This week we dig deeper into the scene and celebrate another manic Columbus band in Fey Gods.

The two tracks on this single could easily be completely different bands. The A-side is a deep baritone crooner that reminds us a little of Alice in Chains unplugged, making the flip-side of skuzzy drone meets gothic trip hop meets Deerhoof all the more baffling. It begs two questions: Who does these guys (and girl) think they are? Should we refrain from asking that question? Maybe it's best we zip our lips in hopes that they remain ambivalent to genre and enjoy a series of weirdo exploratory singles.

Fey Gods' “Untied” b/w “Bury Me Standing” 7″ is out now on HoZac.

Fey Gods, “Untied”