Ian William Craig, “A Single Hope”

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Ian William Craig

The creation of a tremendous ambient soundscape, surrounding the central component of the voice of a classically-trained opera singer, might epitomize a spiritual musical experience. Such is the nature of the composition on Ian William Craig’s track, “A Single Hope”, off his forthcoming debut release for FatCat’s imprint, 130701, entitled, Centres. An amalgam of analog synth and granular decay build the atmosphere of a beautiful, yet uncertain utopia, a haven in which one can feel comfort in solitude. Gritty rumblings and heavy static start the track, quickly incorporating Craig’s vocal probing—simple and beautiful downward arpeggiating feel for what’s to come, as synthesizers build and a beat is introduced. From here, a melody makes itself know, but barely, emphasizing mood. The whole thing is an underwater cathedral in another universe; a huge sermon being given by a blue whale to a congregation of smaller fish. He mixes sonar callings and a continual building of synth tones in which the trailing-off of one and the beginning of another becomes beautifully obscured, until the static overtakes all and you’re absorbed into the sea.