iji, “Free Screening”

Emily Chu

photo by Virginia Easthope

iji‘s bio states, “Zach Burba made a lot of different songs with a lot of different people. At one time he lived in Tempe, Arizona but now he lives in Seattle, Washington and plays with a band of seagulls.” Under the band members tab on Facebook, there’s about 50 different names. They have an upcoming album called Bubble, which comes from an interesting story – last year on tour, all the band members recorded their dreams in a single journal, which inspired Zach to create an album in “dream language.'” The final product of this is his latest project Bubble, which “explores the abstract and absurd tendencies of a confused and distracted mind.” We’ve got the exclusive premiere of his latest track off the album, titled “Free Screening”.

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“Free Screening” starts with a slur of drums and guitars before settling as the vocals come in. This song is upbeat with a dreamy quality, as iji sings about how space and time will slip away. The vocals unique – they’re tame and slightly timid. At only 1 minute and 33 seconds long, “Free Screening” gives no indication that the track is ending as it comes to an abrupt stop, giving an unresolved feeling and leaving you wanting more.

Tour Dates
7/29 Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge
7/30 Vancouver, BC @ The Toast Collective
8/20 Seattle, WA @ Van Fest
8/26 Seattle, WA @ Werewolf Vacation
8/27 Missoula, MT @ VFW
8/30 Madison, WI @ Mickeys
9/5 Montreal, QC @ Drones Club
9/6 Boston, MA @ Middle East
9/7 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn
9/8 Ridgewood, NY @ Transpecos
9/10 Annandale-On-Hudson, NY @ Bard
9/20 Panama City, FL @ Mosey’s

Bubble will be out on July 29th, via Team Love Records. It is available for pre-sale now.

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