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Ill Mondo

Ill Mondo was on our radar since we championed its collaborative record with MC Neal Rames as one of the best releases of 2009. The production duo return to steadily take your body movements from 80 to 120 bpms – watch out now!

Based in San Francisco, Ill Mondo is the hip hop production duo of JRK (Wide Hive Records) and Johnny Red (One Little Indian Records). The two are junkies for timeless funk and the vintage equipment used by hip hop purists to outsource the funky drummers of the genre. “Be Bad” is the latest single, a two part-er timing out at 22 minutes. “Be Bad Pt.1” is a climb to greater heights of foot jiving as the sample mashing will take those feetsies from a two-step to James Brown-esque hot potato-shucking. The flipside is a journey into funk's infiltration into the poly-rhythms of Egyptian and Middle Eastern belly dance styles.

The A-Side will inspire thoughts of “hey, I recognize that off a De La Soul record,” while the B-Side will make you walk like an Egyptian and sign up for belly dancing classes.

Join Ill Mondo's mailing list at its label Circle Into Square to get the digital for free and wait patiently for a new LP this year.

Ill Mondo, “Be Bad Pt.1”