Induced Labour will show you the meaning of pain

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Induced Labour, Untitled 7-inch

Sometimes it's comforting to know that as the world spits out cool whip dance ballads it also defecates all over your breakfast in the form of shitcore barnyard hardcore from the likes of Induced Labour.

They are from Toronto, and they're ready to relentlessly pound your humanoid brain into a meaningless pulp.

You can kind of imagine them in some North of the Border heavytopia in which AIDS Wolf sits on a throne made from the remains of scene kids and bloggers.

Kind of already started…


Induced Labour's demo tape release show in June 2010 (with Aids Wolf and Hair Police) ended with the destruction of Mark's drums and Leslie in the hospital with stitches and a concussion.

Untitled 7-inch:

Untitled Tape: