Stalley smartens up your whip's thump

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Stalley's Ohio hometown of Massillon is locally known for a tradition of weekend cruises down Lincoln Way, in which souped up whips line the street to display the candy paint jobs, 20inch rims and whatnot – you know, shit car people dig.

If you're gonna have a souped up whip (I'm aware how out of touch I am with car slang), you need a booming system (that's right, an LL Cool J reference) so that your shit slaps (finally something the kids say). Stalley is a smart dude. His new album sets out to explore a balance between the conscious rap and the trunk thumping whip appeal sound. “Slapp” is the first single off Stalley's Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music). Naturally, the visuals are handled by Creative Control.

Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music) is out February 8.