Intuition, Dear John

Blake Gillespie


It does not take too many in depth listens to Girls Like Me to grasp that Intuition is in tune with the man in the mirror. This morning he dropped a name-your-price download that would have fit nicely on his sophomore record.

“Dear John” is somewhere between “Buzzkill” and “Don't Try,” as Intuition gets his self-awareness on by writing a break up letter to all his bad traits. Equalibrum knows how to pander to Intuition's tender side without buckling into corny soul theatrics. The plucked acoustic is always a dangerous route in hip hop, but he lets it ride and slowly builds in the handclaps, soft shakers, twangy slide guitar (yes, he makes it work) and a gospel choir without sending “Dear John” off the deep end. I am still baffled how Intuition is one of the few rappers that's giving this guy work, as he's playing his ANT in Atmosphere-role to a T and helping his coveted rapper grow in sound.

Intuition comes in with “look lazy me I know we had a fun run / but complacency is coming undone / you're out of season / me and / my people trying to come up / you're no longer relying on that dumb luck,” setting up his laundry list of vices he's casting off. This is a great song to drop unexpectedly as it is strong enough to stand on it's own two – as he is attempting to do with the words – and teases the fans as to what's he's cooking up, considering this is possibly one of his best written songs to date. Although I could merely be digging it because I woke up hungover again.

Download “Dear John” here.

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