Invisibile Days, “Fortress”

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Brooklyn's Invisible Days lower the draw bridge for an exclusive listen to their new song, “Fortress”. Singer guitarist Sean Finnigan, with fellow vocalist and bassist Alex Koch are joined by drummer Michael Petrucelly to make a citadel of sound in their own little electric underground. Their single “Fortress” follows up their recent Solitary Time/Stewards 7″ and the Polaurora EP, and seeks to create a fortified sonic artifice, “where everything is supposed to be”. Tapping into the energy, excitement and adoration demands of The Stone Roses at Spike Island in 1990; Alex, Sean, and Michael make something more than the hype of retreading reunions or facsimile tributes. Never minding the decades of the past and those yet to come, the 3 create a strengthened shelter suitable for their favorite sounds to last from Summer through the unpredictability of future Winters.

The song begins mid chord and keeps the classic indie dream heavy. The “Fortress” lyrically and musically evokes the idea of a sanctuary where all their favorite tunes and favorite friends can be found, all gathered together in one safe, stronghold. Entertaining further the bold spirit of a younger Ian Brown, the trio sets out to prove that they are what the world's been waiting for by pursuing their own comforts and dreams at every turn, "to be where I want”. The escapist push seeks to return to a world of guitar based rock, where the rest of the world's noises are treated like idle banter in favor of looking ahead with memory driven chords. More important is that Invisible Days brings back the re-appropriated resurrection of the headlining sound that got drowned out at this year's Coachella by Tegan and Sara. This is ain't no second coming, nor is it a reformation, or rebranding, but the height of 1990s UK dreams held over through the millennial hopes found in Brooklyn's musical-modern day landscape.

Alex and Sean shared a few words on the sonic space and fuzzy dream vibes of “Fortress”:

“Fortress' was a very quick song for us to put together. The recording itself is the original demo of the song that we then layered more guitars and vocals onto. The band liked the energy of the demo, so we didn't feel it was necessary to re-record it in a studio. A friend mixed the song in a studio to open it up and give it sonic space, while still keeping the fuzzy dreamy vibe. Lyrically, the song's about mentally and physically drifting away from reality.”

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