Healing Potpourri, “Keys To The City”

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Healing Potpourri

Northern California, particularly the greater Sacramento region, is known for its noise scene. In a few months the NorCal Noise Fest will occupy small rooms, testing the limitations of the human ear, while bands like E S S, Screature, and G. Green are always good for an aural pummeling at house shows and the narrow confines of DIY bike shops. It's enough to start an ambient project as an escape, right?

G.Green's Simi Sohota took the initative with Healing Potpourri, a moniker that's a little bit “Birthday present for grandma” or “Bath & Body Works”, but speaks to the salvation needed. “Keys To The City” is off Healing Potpourri's The Way Water Bends Light 12″ and with its trickling stream the title is immediately present within the ambient airwaves. Refreshing as the Delta breeze, “Keys To The City” is ambient escapism, as even some minimal skronk in the fold can't upset the soothing textures produced by Sohota. Sure, you could look into installing a fountain in your home or garden, but it's possible to achieve the relaxation you seek in the sounds of Healing Potpourri.

Healing Potpourri's The Way Water Bends Light 12″ is out soon on KDVS Recordings.