It's All Over for Al Lover

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All Over

Originally created in the winter of '09, All Over is a glimpse into Al Lover the scorned lover, before we knew him as the funkee Bay Area beat chef. He thrives off his turmoil to create a hip hop break up record, which has yet to be done over the course of a long player, to our knowledge.

Al Lover is dropping his long-shelved All Over record for those hurt folks out there who are struggling through this Monday in particular – double dose of the Mondays, right? The project was also largely influenced by the Dilla's style in the curtain call of his career and being that February is unofficially Dilla Month, Lover saw it a fitting time to drop another funky creation. Peace to the Bukowski readings streaming through the project. Now there's a man who understood love.

Stream and download All Over for $5 here.