J-Felix, “30 Minute Groove Mix”

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Brighton’s J-Felix is celebrating the release of his new single “Keep On (We Ain’t Here For Long”, which furthers the revitalization of funk, nu-disco, and boogie in this record setting summer heat. The sleek production suggests an optimism in the groove, but the sentiment “’cause we won’t be here on this earth for long” hints of fatalism. That subtle awareness of impermanence is not intended as political, but it’s difficult to ignore climate change, famine, and droughts that are seemingly cutting our time shorter and shorter. Fortunately, we’ve got the funk. It’s how we keep cool as we continue.

For J-Felix’s “30 Minute Groove Mix”, he fans out through the influences that led him to the sound on his single. It’s both a history lesson and tip of the hat to contemporaries who pushed him towards the sound. J-Felix offered the following words on his mix:

A short journey through upbeat RnB vibes inspired by Hip-Hop/ boogie/ soul sounds from the 70’s/80’s right up to now with some brand new and exclusive J-Felix material in the mix.

J-Felix’s “Keep On (We Ain’t Here For Long” is out now on Tru Thoughts.

“30 Minute Groove Mix” Tracklisting:
01 Kool and the Gang, “Hereafter”
02 SOS band, “High Hopes”
03 “Aliens Enter” ft T-Fly (Hint remix)
04 J-Felix,”Keep On (We Ain’t Here For Long)”
05 D’angelo, “Spanish Joint” (Kero One edit)
06 Janet Jackson, “If” (Kaytranada edition)
07 James Brown, “I Feel Good” (El Train edit)
08 “Werkha Invincible” (J-Felix remix)
09 Zak Abel, “These Are The Days”
11 The Whispers, “Keep On Loving Me”
12 Diverse, “Jus Biz” (Snippet)