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All Dogs

And just like that, it’s the end of the summer already. We want to feel sad about it, but there is so much to be stoked about right now—like all of the incredible new music we now have, via August’s new releases. This month was stacked, with three excellent new full-lengths: All Dogs (on Salinas), Worriers (on Don Giovanni), and Palehound (on Exploding in Sound). We are excited to finally own a vinyl pressing of Sneaks’ minimal post-punk hits, while Destiny’s soul-inflected “Orange Blossom” might be one of our favorite pop singles of the year so far. Our top picks of the month are below.



The long-awaited full-length from Columbus punks All Dogs finally was released this month, Kicking Every Day, a 10-song collection of crushing, pummeling guitar-pop. Earlier this year, writing about the album’s lead single, “That Kind Of Girl,” Quinn Moreland wrote:

“That Kind of Girl” … acts as a sort of conclusion to [earlier songs] “Love Song” and “Georgia.” In those songs, burgeoning relationships were approached with caution, but here, an affair ends with the acknowledgement of a personal problem and self-prioritizing. I think every female-identifying individual can relate to being “that kind of girl” in some way. As Jones asks, “What does that mean?”

It’s the perfect end-of-summer soundtrack and ultimately, our favorite album of the month.

Sneaks – Gymnastics LP

You had to have actually been at Impose’s August 8 mini-fest at Secret Project Robot to understand how next-level Sneaks’ performance was. Eva’s minimal personality-filled post-punk is now on vinyl thanks to Danger Records. The LP includes some of the same cuts as the Sister Polygon tape plus a bunch more; hear it here.

Worriers – Imaginary Life

Produced by Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace, the new Worriers album features signature elements of the band’s smart, nuanced songwriting and pop-punk sensibility, while sounding more confident and eager to deliver its message.

LISTEN: Worriers – “They/Them/Theirs”
WATCH: Worriers – “Most Space”

Palehound – Dry Food

“I’ve never been this proud of something,” Ellen Kempner told us this summer, talking about Dry Food, Palehound’s new record for Exploding in Sound. “Not just because I really focused on the songs, but also because this is me saying a lot about a year that was really, really hard.”

READ: “Palehound laughs at the past” by Geoff Nelson

Potty Mouth – S/T EP

Early in the month we were excited to hear “Cherry Picking,” the first single from Potty Mouth’s upcoming self-titled EP, released August 21 on Planet Whatever, the band’s own label. The cleanliness of these new tracks comes at the hand of Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney producer John Goodmanson, who worked with the band on the entire EP. The new record might signal a slight sonic shift for the group, but their hard-driving catchiness certainly hasn’t left.

LISTEN: Potty Mouth- “Cherry Picking”


Fielded – Boy Angel

Boy Angel is a gorgeous piece of baroque pop, driven by Powell’s powerful voice and masterful production. Fielded holds back no emotions; she hones them into meticulously articulated grandiose power pop.

READ:Field’s Boy Angel and the power of unmodulated feels” by Nina Mashurova

Destiny – “Orange Blossom”

F/K/A Wavy Spice and Princess Nokia, Destiny Frasqueri is now going by simply Destiny. Her latest single, “Orange Blossom”, explores the valences of childhood and adulthood, old media and new, past and present. The sweet funk guitar lines, full, harmonic synth work, and chiming percussive accents are a break from earlier output that was backed by hectic, drum-’n’-bass shuffling.

WATCH: Destiny – “Orange Blossom”

I Tried To Run Away When I Was 6 – Not Avoiding You

“”This particular grouping of tracks are all about my friends,” Domenica Pileggi told us this month. “Most of my songs are about my friends I think … I’d consider all of these songs platonic love songs in some sense. Out August 28 on Miscreant RecordsNot Avoiding You is i tried to run away when i was 6’s first “official” release following a series of Bandcamp EPs, splits, and now-deleted demos.

READ: Quinn Moreland interviews Domenica Pleggi

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