J. Nolan ft. Jae Franklin, “Destiny”

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Prolific Atlanta artist J. Nolan is one of the many who’s gotten the writing on the industry wall and decided to go about his career “100% independent,” as he’s noted recently. He’s release over a dozen projects, honing his intricate lyricism and every man’s appeal along the way. It’s fitting that his new EP is called Above The Fray. Even more apropos is the title of his first single, “Destiny,” which features vocalist Jae Franklin.

“Destiny,” is composted crisp drums and a hypnotic bass line under futuristic synths. The song’s producer managed to fuse the best of modern R&B elements with a slight twinge of experimental electro. Bright, blaring synths coalesce with Franklin’s voice as she implores the listener to “listen to your heart.”

Once J. Nolan begins rhyming, we learn that the song’s chorus is derived from his mother’s advice. He infuses his swift flow with vivid insights, such as him seeing in his mother’s face that “she slightly disturbed that she ain’t pick her dreams,” and surmising, “when you forfeit your path you allow the devil to stare.”

Above The Fray has mass appeal, with enough complexity and craftsmanship in its production to sidestep the more formulaic “woman vocalist on the hook” offerings.

Above The Fray will be released November 4th on realjnolan.com. You can stream “Destiny” below.