J Scienide, The Actual Heat

Andre G

On an oddly brisk June day in many cities, let J Scienide provide The Actual Heat. The DC native describes himself as a “true student in the school of emceeing,” and his latest 13-track project proves it. Scienide embodies the essence throughout the project, dropping straightforward cipher-stoppers. He takes aim at “no talent rappers” who are on a “slave ship” over “Open Letter’s” smooth bassline, but has enough regard to implore us to “be free wit’ ya’ life.”

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That balance is at play throughout the project, as he’s equally adept at serving wack MCs and dropping gems – often within the same verse. Cleverly, Scienide lumps the bulk of the album’s features on just 4 tracks, with a mid-album “What’s The Odds” Pt. 1 and 2. Both tracks showcase funky, piano based chops ripe for the artists to flow over.

Scienide hits every chunky snare with precision in part because he crafted most of the soundscape, though he worked with Gensu Dean on several tracks. The uptempo, dusty-sample-wielding beats stay consistent throughout the project, promising a pleasing listen to hip-hop traditionalists.

The Actual Heat is available for purchase here. You can stream below.

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