Kyle Reynolds, "Friday Saturday Sunday"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

As we prep for the weekend, we are constantly looking for new tracks to help celebrate. (Because, believe it or not, every weekend deserves – demands – a celebration!) This week, “Friday Saturday Sunday” by pop rock singer/songwriter Kyle Reynolds is all we want to hear. Light as a feather instrumentals blend perfectly with his soulful, beautiful vocals as we go through the highs and lows of the words. Kyle focuses on his infatuation in the lyrics, going through the ringer that many like him have faced of someone who just wants to hang out on the weekend.
Reynolds elaborates, “I wrote the song with Sam Ellis in Nashville, TN who’s one of favorite people to write with. It was produced by him and another dude in LA named Daniel Weber. The song is pretty much about someone who just wants to hang out and mess around on the weekends but can’t commit to a real relationship and show up on the weekdays. Sam actually introduced me to the person that inspired the song so it worked out perfect haha!”
Well, we want to hang out all week – and then some – with this track.

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