Xie, "Just Like Me"

Post Author: Emily Chu

Xie has just made her music debut into the world. She’s a Chinese-American producer, singer, and multimedia artist based in LA that specializes in electronic indie music. Her debut track is titled “Just Like Me,” and we have the exclusive premiere.
“Just Like Me” is a collaboration producer/singer V!RTU, who has done remixes for huge artists such as Daya and BØRNS. The track is a battle between the two artists, and it’s pretty awesome. It sounds light as a feather, making the listener feel like they’re floating as it builds. The the beat drops, and intricate layers explode from one central point. Xie says that “this song celebrates a universal world,” and that “Regardless of our differences or even similarities, we are all in it together.”
And we would have to agree.

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